IXL Tastic installation a welcome boost for Geelong bathrooms

July 26, 2019

If you are looking for ultimate comfort in your bathroom, IXL Tastic installation in Geelong can help you achieve your goal.

Then you’ll be able to say goodbye to fogged mirrors, steam-dampened walls and a lack of light in the bathroom. You’ll also not miss the sharp bite of cold as you rush to dry off after a shower.

At Armstrong Creek Electrical, we believe modern bathrooms are simply much better off with the touch of the iconic Tastic. These practical, efficient and well-designed products provide superior comfort when it comes to lighting, heating and ventilation. After all, they’re a household name across this country for a reason.

Whether you are fitting out your brand new home and want your bathroom to shine or you’re giving a tired old bathroom a much needed face lift, our experienced team can help. We are experts when it comes to bathroom electrical appliances and provide prompt and efficient installation for a great price.

While IXL Tastic products have cemented their place in Australian bathrooms because they are efficient, aesthetic and cost-effective, they also give customers plenty of options.

With several ranges on offer including Classic and Neo you can select the set-up that best meets your needs. Perhaps you want four heat lamps to bathe you in an instant warmth when you leave the shower to get dry? Or would two be better for the space in question? Maybe you would rather an exhaust fan-light combination or just a heater option.

This respected Geelong-based company provides Tastics in a range of profiles and finishes to suit the aesthetics of both modern and traditional decor in bathrooms.

If you are on the hunt for a module that delivers efficient exhaust fans, lighting and heat, you can rest assured that IXL Tastic installation in Geelong has you covered.

Armstrong Creek Electrical is happy to offer advice on products earmarked for bathrooms. We provide prompt, quality service installing bathroom appliances including Tastics, offer a lifetime warranty on our labour and provide a safety certificate for every job we do.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our professional teamĀ for a free quote today.