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Air conditioning installation Geelong & Armstrong Creek

Armstrong Creek, located an easy distance from both Geelong and the Surf Coast, is well-known as a tourist hotspot in summer. With our split system air conditioning specialists on call, there’s no need for you to join the hordes of people flocking to the beach to cool down – you’ll enjoy year-round comfort in your own home.

Geelong air conditioning installation, servicing the Bellarine Peninsula & Surf Coast

Armstrong Creek Electrical’s registered and qualified residential electricians supply and install a huge range of air conditioning units, including 2.5kW to 8kW split system air conditioners. We work with industry-leading brands, including Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic and Akai.

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service – so we are also happy to install owner supplied units. All jobs completed by our electricians come with a safety certificate, so you can be assured your air conditioning is in top working condition.

As a registered dual trade electrician, Armstrong Creek Electrical can perform the electrical installation, gas fitting and plumbing needed to get your air conditioner safely and efficiently installed and working. We aim to make it as simple as possible for our customers, so we also provide the capping and cover for your pipework and a bracket to fix the outdoor unit to the building.

For added peace of mind, we’re pleased to offer our customers a lifetime warranty on labour and a five-year warranty on air conditioning units supplied by our electricians.

Why choose split system air conditioning for your Geelong home or business?

Split system air conditioners are one of the most popular models for Armstrong Creek Electrical customers, and it’s not hard to see why. No matter the size or layout of your home or office building, a split system unit provides simple, efficient heating and cooling.

Temperatures around Geelong, the Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula can vary – often quickly! From summer heat to those uncomfortable north winds, to a surprise cool change, split system air conditioning means you can be prepared for any weather, and stay comfortable no matter the time of year.

The inside unit draws air from inside your home, cools it and removes the heat via the outside unit. Split systems are a great choice, allowing you to zone your home or business. Choose where to maintain cooler or warmer temperatures, so you stay comfortable without worrying about higher energy bills.

Please contact our domestic or commercial electricians to find out more about air conditioning installation.

We can also help Geelong and Armstrong Creek locals with TV antenna installation and data cable installations.